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It’s my birthday.
I’m officially in my mid early thirties.
{33, what what!}
{i say “what what” instead of “woot woot” btw.}

And for my birthday, God told me that he prefers me as a…

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While I’m still adjusting getting back on Cali time and all that, I thought this would be a perfect chance to share some of what you may have been missing out on with the

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I’m in Texas visiting family for the week.
So posting is just not on the list of priorities.

But, shopping is.


They always say, when in Texas….

I know….you want…

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Once again, here are just a few of my faves from last week on the Mommalogues.

Being that both Jimmy and I have…

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Seriously, this product is AMAZEBALLS. You have to try it out.

Music in video: Helen Austin

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My sweet Taylor and Chloe….


Before I explain things to you, know that I love you. Beyond words. I love you that much. And it is because I love that I need you to know that I…

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About ten minutes before walking out the door to take the kids to a Halloween/Trick or Treating Party….I got an idea as I was applying my red lipstick.
I should TOTALLY dress up like Rachel…

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First things first…did you see the new Mommalogues widget over there to the right? ——-> Kinda fun, ya?

And now for what you may have missed this week on the Mommalogues:

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{super easy to do. simply put on a headband but not under your hair, then twist hair over & under the headband}

Jimmy came home from…

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